Seizing Possibilities

Seizing Possibilities
Seizing Possibilities

Friday, January 16, 2015

Favorite Photographs of 2014

At the end of every year I endeavor to choose some of my favorite photographs.  They end up on this list for varying reasons and it is never very easy to narrow it down, not because I think they are so wonderful but because they are significant for one reason or another to me.  Detaching the emotion and reasoning behind the photographs makes it a but less fun. I think the oddest part of this year is that I don't have even one portrait in this mix, there wasn't even one in the running.  That has to be a first for me.  In the album, they are posted by date so you can see the progression through the year.  Living in Florida has it's pluses, especially the glorious sunsets.

For now though, I will put them in an order that has to do with my preferences.

Simplicity, color, evocative, using the elements and principles of art more specifically in their framing and the processing and appealing more fully to my artistic side are these: 

The Line is Drawn
This photograph was one of my first paintings once my supplies were back in my hands.  The painting, in oils is 15 x 36 inches.

The only photograph I converted to black and white; it is really something I only use when it adheres to the thought process and enhances the photograph and its content.

Keep it Simple
Besides the beach my "Monet Pond" was a constant source of inspiration for my photography and my art.  In the dead of Winter and the first photograph of the year remains a fascinating reminder of Winter in Florida and a cold reminder so opposite of others taken throughout the other seasons of the year.
In the Still of Winter
The sunsets on the beach have been the other source of inspiration, their color, the beauty.  Framing them so they become an inspiration to others is the most challenging.
On the Edge of a Dream
 The bayou at Eden's State Park was the inspiration here, a beautiful day of blue skies and a blue bayou.
Blue Bayou
 While at Eden's State Park it was a floral inspiration, the roses and the azaleas were beautiful!
Love's Embrace
 The sands of the beach were just as inspiring as the water and sunsets and pier.
Who Will Come and Dream With Me?
 When all the elements of the beach come together to create something wonderful you just have to make it happen!
Walking Toward the Dream
And the sunsets.  Have I mentioned the inspirational sunsets?  They are never-ending and I have many in this first cut as well as the second cut album I will share with you.  The textures, the colors, within the frame the embracing the evocative nature of that hour is nothing short of spectacular.
Texture, color, space, light, shapes and forms, values or tones, lines, balance, movement, emphasis, composition, each of the following makes me sigh when I think of one or more of these.
Sunset of Clarity
Lavender Sunset

That Inner Glow
Touching Lives

Beyond Every Dream
The next one is special because it helped inspire a visit from my youngest sister this year.  YAY!!
Purple Sands 
Drawing inspiration and awe from nature this Fall as I watched the stingray jump repeatedly out of the waters of the Gulf almost made me forget to snap the shutter it was so fascinating, especially at sunset. It made me realize that reaching beyond what is reasonably expected can bring something special your way.
Reaching Beyond Expectation
 Sometimes we feel alone but we really aren't.
You Are Not Alone
A year of photography would just never be complete without some flowers.
And the Rain Will Fall
Purple Orchids-My Birthday Bouquet
  And the Monet Pond. *sigh*  This year I hope to bring my easel and art supplies, at least more than colored pencils!
The Water Lily

Monet Pond Colored Pencil Sketch
Monet Pond Colored Pencil Sketch

Eden State Park in the Spring when the roses and azaleas are in bloom is a wonderful exploration all its own.
The Garden of Eden
 This was taken at Mexico Beach, FL and the still, alien-like, surreal feel of this is what was so appealing to me.  Feeling cold, almost frozen yet it seems like those little tufts of weeds could get up and walk away.
When Hope Seems Lost
Those are the choices which made the first cut.  The full resolution photographs can be found on my website in an album 2014 Best, the first cut here.  The second cut can be found in the album 2014 Best, the second cut here.
I hope you enjoyed the trek through last year's photograph and art adventures, this year will bring more and hopefully some gallery shows to boot!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

January Wallpaper for your computer and smartphones. #desktopwallpaper

My apologies for the late posting. The flu rather took me down for a number of days after Christmas.  But here are your January choices, some of my late year favorites.

When you think of the new year think of reaching new heights, remembering that you are not all alone, by realizing and marveling at the reality of where you find yourself, and above all, keep the encouragement of a brighter future and the guidance of a loving God in your heart.

For 9x16 ratio

For screens 10x16 ratio

For your Android Phone

And your iPhone

Make this year the best ever and keep your eyes out for my best of 2014 coming soon!
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As always I appreciate your continued support and I thank you for it, so please enjoy January's Wallpaper choices!