Seizing Possibilities

Seizing Possibilities
Seizing Possibilities

Monday, October 31, 2011

November Desktop Wallpaper: The Warmth of Home #photography

November in the USA and the holiday of Thanksgiving always reminds me of a warm family gathering.  The warm tones and old-fashioned cabin reminds me of this old-fashioned homecoming.

iPhone 1024x768

1680x1050 & 2560x1600 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

With Childlike Wonder

A few days ago my granddaughter greeted me in the early morning by saying, “Gramma, look at the sunrise; it is beautiful and the colors are so pretty!”  I came over to look and exclaimed, “It is beautiful!”  Then she said to me, “Gramma you should take a picture.”  I said, “By the time I get my clothes on and my camera, the colors will be gone.”  With unmatched enthusiasm and determination, she says to me, “May I use your little camera to take a picture?”  I said, “Yes, if you take it through the window.”  (It was near freezing and she was in light pajamas.)   So she snapped about 6 pictures.  With a wry smile, she turns around, gives me the camera and I set it aside until I could upload them onto my computer.  But she doesn’t stop there; she is looking at the light on the wall.  “Gramma!”  with enthusiasm, “Look at the light, it is orange!”  She was speaking of the light on the front room wall.  Soon it turns peach and then yellow and all the while she is exclaiming to me the virtues of her new found discovery.   We talked a little bit about why the light is different colors, not that she might fully understand this yet, but to plant seeds of knowledge.  But she encapsulated a perfect way to greet a day.
Just Think What You'd have Missed!
After I sat for a while and thought about this exchange, I could not help but be reminded of the wonder and enchantment of her childlike curiosity.  The eagerness to learn and to seize the moments before it would escape them completely.  Do I approach my day with unbridled curiosity and seize the moments that are but fleeting?  Do I find I am ready when they present themselves to me and throw off the bowlines to all abandon?  Do I miss special moments because I’m not looking or if I am looking do I see, and if I see; am I motivated to preserve it either in my mind’s eye, with a sketch or through the lens?   It seemed so ordinary to me.   Yet, immersing ourselves in moments of childlike splendor should not be something as artists we left back in our childhood, but we should practice keeping ourselves aware and breathing in the things that are around us.  Who knows what awaits us tomorrow in this world?   Today, the storm clouds rolled in and the morning sun was hidden, a different sense of wonder today as the leaves ripple to the ground in the wind of the day.  I don’t know what tomorrow may bring in wonder or excitement, but I think I shall be prepared to breathe it all in and find a way to present those moments in a way I don’t want to forget and give others a glimpse of it too!

I believe as adults we still have those moments of sheer awe and amazement.  Probably too few.  It usually takes an unusual moment or experience.  I’m certain too few. 

My hike to Mt. LeConte was definitely one of those.  As I looked over the vast expanse of the mountains and the fall colors muted because of the atmosphere, kept me breathless and enthralled, almost motionless.  It was a feast for my eyes and health for my lungs.  It was a splendor that would not be matched.  The day was glorious in sunshine and brisk with the fall air, snow hovered in the shadows trying to keep from melting in the warmth of the sun as the day moved forward.  It was a wonderland and it was filled with incredible scenery and splendor!    

I think I will have you walk with me to the top and back down next time you stop by here.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Let’s Have Coffee with a G+ Hangout! #togs #photogs #business

A good cup of coffee or tea, a group of nice like-minded people, people motivated to succeed and share their inspiration, their successes and failures and wanting to help inspire and be inspired! 

Do you sometimes have trouble seeing the forest through the trees? 

I have been working toward formalizing the idea of using the Google + hangouts as a place to collaborate and to meet with some like-minded people who want to succeed in their business.  You don’t have to be a photographer, just someone who wants to come to the table and talk, brainstorm, share ideas, bring encouragement, and be willing to share stories with the goal of inspiring others to move forward and succeed while finding the same inspiration for yourself.   Does this seem like something in which YOU would you like to participate?

I envision it like the trees in Okinawa where they have prepared them for typhoons.  The trees all over the island have supports such as this:

My vision for this group would be to bring your “coffee” about once a month when announced to the circle with a date and time and talk about concerns or successes or things that may not have worked or things that may work or things you are struggling to accomplish or be motivated toward while trying to help the others to move forward in a positive way as well.  To begin, I’d like to see how this may transpire in a limited trial way, in lieu of it being in person.  The first week would probably be more like introductions of who we are, where we are and maybe a short synopsis of what you would like to accomplish, might be a struggle or a success; nothing elaborate, that is for your business plan but just to see the make-up and goals of the group and to get to know each other a little.  From there together think about how we might best use the group to help each other succeed in our venture, to have a go-to group to ask questions of or receive inspiration or ideas or motivation to continue.  I’m not looking for people to just pat each other on the back, but a group of honest people who really want their business to work and see others succeed as well.  In five years, in the time frame many businesses fail to succeed, we have stood strong and are moving forward.

And here in the midst of greatness and the castle of Shurijo is one that has stood the test of time, ancient but strong like the castle itself.   

The logistics of G+ hangouts prevail, it has a limit of 10 people in a hangout, the first 9 people who request to be part of this will be part of the initial group; the next 4 will be alternatives in order of their request if people find this is not something they want to continue to participate in or might be unavailable.  All 14 will be in the circle.  This might be more fluid as we see it develop but for now this seems like the best process to start it moving in the right direction.  The initial hangout date and time will be decided once the group is formed.

I’d love to see this work.  I’d love to see a good mix of people willing to share, some experienced and already successful and others like me looking to implement their business plan fully.  I know I struggle many days, no MANY days to stay focused and encouraged and to see the goal through the fog of a beginning business.   

So now I just need to know who wants to join me?!?

Note: You must have a G+ profile to participate.
Add your name and G+ profile below.
I have had one “pre-request” and if Levi is still interested.  He gets the first slot.  8 remain open.

You may comment here or ask any questions here or on G+ my profile is here: