Seizing Possibilities

Seizing Possibilities
Seizing Possibilities

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March 2012 Waterlily Desktop Wallpaper #desktopwallpaper #photograph

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March 2012 Desktop Wallpaper taken at Hartley's Crocodile Adventures near Cairns, Australia.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When the ordinary becomes extraordinary. #Indianapolis #photog #photography #tog

How much do you see?  What do you see?

I am not usually fascinated by architectural structures or for that matter, most man-made things; I like the sensual and expressive lines you find in nature, the patterns, colors and changes that occur.  

I went to Indianapolis to cover my nephew’s Eagle Ceremony and take photographs of the event.  Prior to the ceremony I visited the church where it was to be held.  The sun was brightly shining that day; it was rather warm for an early February day in the Midwest.  I first walked into the small chapel at this eclectic European  influenced building finding beautiful stained glassed windows lining one side of the chapel, on the other side were a few other stained glassed windows and one in the front above the altar. 

Stained Glass Beauty

Let the Children Come
Teach Us to Pray

 They were beautiful in themselves but became exquisite as the sun lit the chapel like a fantasy where the light danced in bright colors across the floor and into the atmosphere, on the walls and anything else it fell on.  It played like little fairies dancing here and there throughout the room.  What I thought would be something quite boring became a treasure of fleeting moments only there for the afternoon dancing in partnership with the sun shining in from the outside.  As I began to study how the light played and fell in the room, I could barely stop framing the intimate details dancing before me. 

Let the Light Shine

Attention to the Light

It's Becoming Clearer
My macro lens was on my camera and the wide aperture afforded some beautiful bokeh enhancing the experience and letting me carry that to those who viewed my photographs from this day.  As I let myself be consumed by what I was seeing, certainly not what I was expecting, but allowing myself to see the intimate details and fleeting moments in time before me outside the normal parameters of my expectations and thoughts it opened a whole new world to see and love.

Visions of Color Danced In Her Head

More than a Window

By allowing myself to see the ordinary in a new way, it opened the door to taking with me a new experience and the photographs to allow others to partake of the beautiful scenes I found before me.  It made me enthusiastic to explore the remainder of the church and as I did, I allowed myself to see beyond the structure of architecture but the details and beauty in the light and reflections, the detail, the textures, the shapes, values, line, form and color, not as a building but as pieces of a whole.  

Rosette Window-Second Presbyterian-Indianapolis, IN
Ceiling Rows

In the Cross-hairs of Seeing
With eyes wide open, I looked.  I squinted, I lay on the ground, I stood on benches, I squatted, I stood up tall.  I looked down, I looked up, I looked in front of me, I looked behind me, I seemed to spin in circles to breathe it all into my soul and take away something new from an experience I thought would be mundane and ordinary and cold; instead I discovered life in the light and structure.

Sanctuary Reflections
Columns of Light
Walking Through Light
Falling Colors

And They Shall Mount Up with Wings as Eagles
I let myself feel and experience the excitement and the excursion, letting it breathe new life into the experience and the ordinary became extraordinary and lovely.

Light Sparkles
Second Presbyterian Church-Indianapolis, IN
 How much do you see?  Do you let yourself see when circumstances change or let yourself and your plans become altered when you look and see and feel and experience what you encounter?  Do you let your expectations be altered?  What do you see?  What do you allow yourself to see?  How will your day change today because of it?