Seizing Possibilities

Seizing Possibilities
Seizing Possibilities

Friday, January 31, 2014

February Wallpaper for your phone or computer

February, really?  Is it already here!?!  It's the month of purple.  Beautiful purple orchids and a lovely beach sunset.  Choose one, choose them both, enjoy them all month long or more!
Spring is just around the corner.

For iPhones:
 For Androids:
 And for your computer sized 9x16 or 1366x768:


And screens 10x16 or 1440x900:

Here are the original sizes to crop as you might need to fit your particular screen, I'd just ask you keep the URL in your crop as much as possible.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Best of 2013 #bestof2013 #photography

Choosing the "Best of" is always so subjective and I have such a difficult time whittling down the massive amounts of photographs I take in one year to just 10 or so photographs.  Needless to say, it is a monumental task and these are my choices for this year and some of the reasoning behind having chosen them. If you'd like to just view the photographs you can find the entire album here:
Best of 2013

You will find additional photographs of portraits that I love in a second album on my website, just some extras that are always a struggle for me to add or not to my best of, even though each one has a very special meaning to me personally.  Also my pastels from this year can be found on my website, it's been a good year!

The Stairway
When my eyes caught the light in this stairwell I literally exclaimed, "look at that!" It was so inviting; the warmth of the color coupled with the light just seemed to bid a welcome, like I would want to feel when I arrived home. Unusual for me with the geometrical aspects of this photograph that it is included here, but its warmth just draws me in so fully that it had to be included.

It's all about the perspective.
Life, it's all about perspective.  Every. single. bit. of life.  Sometimes escaping to the great outdoors helps us to gain some new perspective.  When you see it like this, it is easier to keep things in perspective.  Taken on the Gulf in Panama City Beach, FL.

Alone and Feeling Blue
This photograph encompasses a mood where it is altogether quite "blue" and freeing all at once.  There is something special about walking the beach early in the morning on a crisp Fall day that allows for some thinking and individual contemplation.

Sunset at the Pier
One of my favorite photographs from the year, if there could be one is this one.  The color is just so lovely.  The small variances in color with the orange light on an otherwise drab and worn pier and the light on the incoming wave offers so much to me in what is the sheer pleasures in life.  The beauty that surrounds us and if we are willing to look, things that are drab and dark and worn become beautiful.

Walkin' on Water
I can't add anything more to this photograph than when I posted this on G+ and it ran on the back cover of VIVAcini, an online magazine: 
Have you ever felt like you have wings to fly and could walk on water?  Well, that may be pushing the idea a bit, but have you just been that happy?  that full?  that elated?  that much in love?  Perhaps life is just that full, that marvelous, that wonderful.  If not, prepare to fly, because one day you will!!

Free as a bird flying high above the seas, into the sunset is quite the feeling of freedom and optimism about the day and life in general.  This reminded me a little of the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull. “Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly.”
Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Tree Line Reflections
These next three photographs were part of an adventure in discovering Monet, trying to regain perspective and inspiration for my pastels and photography, business and life in general.  Was it successful?  Wait and see, a coming blog post is in the works.  Monet was all about the changing light and as a photographer and artist I can appreciate him more and more.  Fall comes late here in Florida, this photograph with colorful leaves was taken on December 3rd when everyone north of us were already in the throws of Winter. Reflections.  Think about things and see what you see...

Reminiscent of Monet
This was one of many photographs over the span of a year (and it continues) at a pond near where I live that I have been visiting frequently to see and watch the changing light.  It is a wonderful experience to breathe in the color and light that becomes so profound when you let it.  Our world is truly beautiful and it is important we pause to really look and enjoy the colors and the changes that make it so.  A bit like life really.
He found her waiting.
What or who are you waiting for?  I often feel like life is a waiting game, even when you are actively pursuing something your heart is leading you toward. Make it beautiful every step of the way, it is worth it in the end when you look back and contemplate the beauty in your life.

All I ever do is dream...
Do you dream?  Do you follow your heart? Wishes.  Dreams.  Spring.  Summer.  Fall.  Winter.  Oh what dreams may come.  Who?  What?  Where?  When?  Oh what dreams may come. Desire.  Hope.  Oh what dreams may come.
What are you doing to make them come true?  Because all I ever do is dream...

String of Pearls

Are you caught in more illusions or more reality?  Are you a dreamer or are you a realist?  Have you found the string of pearls to follow or is that just some illusive entity or fiction for you?  Is your dream for the future real?  Are you following it?  Is it some elusive and futile vision?  Does it have the means to be a pearl, precious and worthy?  What are you chasing?  Is it a string of pearls or is it just an illusion?

Survival's Simplicity
Have you ever thought about the analogies we can draw from a dandelion?  It is always bright and cheery, despite its almost always fatal fate.  Its bright and yellow and looks to the sun, the bees scurry about gathering its nectar and it dresses so well.  Some people think it is irritating, those pesky little yellow weeds, but nothing seems to keep them down, they always manage to rise again despite all the odds.  Then when the time is right they change their dress and become delightful wispy wishes alight on the wind carried into a world of dreams for them to scatter and plant themselves and to grow again.  They have learned to survive, even in the most trying of experiences.  I think I can learn a lot from a dandelion.

Pretty in Pink
What girl doesn't like pink?  --especially little girls?  Like a princess adorned for a ball, these tiny white flowers become the belle of the ball with their bright pink dresses.  Butterflies and bees all flock to greet her and court her.  Her dance card is full and she beams with beauty and grace and a welcoming smile.  Summer dances are the best!

Spring Understated
Spring in muted tones.  Sometimes new things don't come boldly, but subtly.  And we have to watch and keep alert to what surrounds us or we may miss the very thing that will bring relief from difficult or dark days.   Sometimes the subtle things are easy to pass, to ignore, to dismiss.  Or they are right under our noses, so close we don't notice.  Take a moment and smile at the subtle wonder that surrounds you today.
The Golden Days
 As I get older, the days, the years, seem more golden and precious, just like the leaves on trees as Fall approaches.  Colorful, beautiful, wonderful and necessary. I watch my children form their future and their lives, their struggles and their triumphs.  I watch my grandchildren in delight and realize how special it is to have them near and surrounding me. I enjoy giving them the love and joy that simply comes because they are, and they are special to me.  I sit back and watch the simple joys of childhood make way to the responsibilities of adulthood and merge as the years combine with age.  I think it was meant to be this way and why they are often called the "golden years."  Enjoy every. single. day.

So there you have it!  If you stuck through all my rantings, you deserve applause!  

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 January Desktop Wallpaper #HappyNewYear #desktopwallpaper

A New Year has rolled in, it is difficult to believe it is already 2014!  With the New Year comes a new month with new wallpaper for your computers, tablets and smartphones!  Flowers, the beach and the Emerald Coast waves, which will you choose this month?
16x9 for most laptops or 1366x768 resolution:

16x10 or screen resolutions of 2560x1600 1680x1050 1440x900:


Android :
Here is to hoping your New Year is filled with success, inspiration, good fortune and many blessings as you forge your path in 2014.  If necessary take one step back and two steps forward and dance your way through the year!
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