Seizing Possibilities

Seizing Possibilities
Seizing Possibilities

Monday, August 8, 2011

Can you do it alone? #photog

I’m tired of feeling like a wandering soul in the desert thirsty for water but finding the oasis is but a mirage, unclear and unfocused on the horizon.  I need focus and clarity.  I need the help of someone who can assist me in reaching that cup of water that will help to satisfy the longing for a place for my creativity in this world. 

I have come to a crossroads in my photography and the decision to make it a business about a year ago.  I have reached a number of crossroads in the last year trying to decide how to get from point A to point B.  Some pertained to genre (and I experienced several), some to what I needed in equipment, some on how I saw my photography and what I loved to do the most.  In October, I bought a new camera and one lens that I thought would be best for my work at the first real juncture and at another, sold my old camera and bought another lens (I’d love just one more I’ve had my eye on but…) and it was the first best leap I’ve made…equipment does make a difference. 

Now I am at another juncture.  Marketing.  I thought by reading and embracing some of the things I have read online I might have a way to get myself going, but it just becomes too overwhelming when you are trying to still produce new work and edit other work so…I decided to contact a few photography marketing consultants.  Oh my!  It is definitely a very difficult decision.  First be prepared, it is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but then that is just life, sometimes the risks and investments have much greater payback than being stagnant in the position you are fledging about wondering where you are headed.

I have spoken to three people as of today, all of them offering something different and from different perspectives.   Can this really be figured out with a 15-30 minute conversation?  Hmmm…it isn’t easy.  Their fees are all very similar so that is not even weighed in the decision for me.  It comes down to connection.  Who do you feel will help you accomplish what seems by yourself to be the insurmountable and impossible?  Do I want to start making money now?  If I do, I have to decide within the next few weeks what I am going to do.  To be leaps and bounds ahead of where I find myself today I will employ the services of one of these three people.  One or more of these people I am convinced, with a lot of hard work and busy days ahead for me, will help to jettison my career as a pro photographer forward.  Stay tuned, I’m ready for take-off!

May I suggest you speak with Rodney Washington, Selina Maitreya or Judy Herrmann.  See if one of these good folks and excellent people might be the right person for you to work with to make your living as a professional photographer.