Seizing Possibilities

Seizing Possibilities
Seizing Possibilities

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can you feel it?

Stop, inhale, exhale, relax, pause...can you feel it?  Do it again.

Pausing to really breathe and relax and take in your surroundings will help you to "feel" the place and activity that surrounds you.  It will add life to your work.  Don't just look, really see.  Pausing to breathe or take a deep breath makes you set your camera aside and be enthralled with what is about you and will better equip you to bring it to life in your photography.  If we always have our camera to our face, we miss so very much, not only for our photography but for our own souls.  So pause to breathe.

This is short.  Because I have been breathing.  Oh I have been taking photographs too, you will get a glimpse soon.  (I need to free up disk space on my computer!)  Just look, let your surroundings grab your soul, let your emotions flow and come through your work.

Reckless Abandon
Watch children in their reckless abandon.  This little girl made me think, why can't I just go out in the field and let myself go and dance.  She was there just enjoying herself, smiling, breathing and dancing.

Think about taking pictures for people who are together but can only take themselves, one at a time; smile and enjoy the pleasure of it.  Make a new friend.   At Shurijo Castle there was a group of about 10 students who were so excited to have a photograph of all of them together, glad I could help!  I think I took about 5 or 6 different photographs with as many different cameras of the group.  The smiles in return were all I needed.  It makes you stop and realize what a wonderful world we live in and the joy we can bring as a photographer to others, not only with our own work, but giving a helping hand.  It can also bring inspiration and a pleasant feeling to your own heart which will carry through to your work.  It somehow just makes life more enjoyable.

 So next time you are out making photographs...
              ...stop, inhale, exhale, relax, pause...can you feel it?  Now, do it again.

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